What Have YOU Learned?

This is an excerpt from an online xanga blog (diary entry) by Terrica Hoskison-Smith

So this is what I've learned this past year. This is what each of you have had a hand in teaching me.
I learned to cook, or rather that I can cook. It's all about ignoring the fear. Thanks goes to my moma who has no fear whatsoever and throws any and everything in a pot to make always delicious creations, (unless of course she defiantly adds onions, much to my dismay) never to be duplicated again, even by her! And honestly, I've learned more from her than I could ever begin to share....
I have learned what a joy it is to experience life with others. To share it.
I have learned to love all that a person represents. I have learned the definition as fun.
I have learned that if we give it a chance, something challenging we would rather give up on, can become something beautiful that brings us pride. If we look hard enough, we can see through the 'wrapping' to the true gift within.
I have learned I have a beautiful example to follow in life, that some people really know how to live. Some really know how to laugh, to embrace and experience everyday, to love.
I have learned there are some, who are real, sincere, transparent, and the definition of beauty in my eyes.
I have learned the strength of the human heart. Thank you for illustrating relentless hope.
I have learned it's okay to love every moment of my life. Good, bad, and ugly. I have learned to take any situation and make it perfect. I have learned (by example) what I must do to embrace my destiny.
I have learned that love knows no distance, hope no time, and that just the mention of a name can bring a smile to my heart.
I have learned what it means to be a fighter, to never lose hope even when you have lost everything else. I have learned what it means to really respect someone.
I have learned the seasons of friendship. I have learned you never have to say goodbye, just hello again everyday. I have learned that there are some I will fight to the death for. Tooth and nail. If need be I will always defend you.
I have learned that there are some people who love me no matter WHAT I do or how little I deserve it. To do the worst injustice or wrong would only cause them to love me more. I have learned there is a love that is mystifying.
I learned that some things are worth fighting for, no matter how beat up and bloody you end up at the end of battle. It may almost kill you, but regardless, there are some things very worthy of war. In fact, they are usually the most worthy, the most precious, which is precisely why we must fight. You made the fight worthwhile.
I have learned there are some people who bring out the beauty on the inside of me, by living it themselves. There are some so beautiful words do them no justice. And their humility only graces them more. There are some when I think of poetry, of love, of sacrifice, of beauty, their face serves as the perfect example. I cherish these for no feasible reason, but because they are the epitome of life and love. All should cherish these.
I learned that there comes a time in life when we are challenged to take a long look at our lives, all we have been taught, all we believe to be true, and ask why. I also learned that if we take more than a moment to conclude, we risk being stoned. I took more than a moment. I am still asking, still pondering, still challenging my truths, still searching. I have refused to concede. And I learned that there are few, very, very few, who will throw themselves in the midst of the terrifying stoning, the horrid death, the bloodshed, and risk their own life to scoop you up and rush you to safety. I have learned that I am not alone. I have learned that I am sincerely loved. Thank you for rescue, for selflessness, for knowing and expressing love when the world seemed to have forgotten. And thank you for not leaving.
I have learned to face my fears. To stare them down. To refuse to blink or even breathe in their presence. To prove I will not go, will not leave, will not concede. And I wait until they dissipate. I wait until they cower. I wait until they forfeit. Thank you, Joshua Smith. You are forever my hero. Forever my example. And always the thing I am most proud of in life. I cherish you.
I have learned there are some who will fight to the death on your behalf. Who will serve and guard you all of their lives. I have learned that family crushes the boundaries of race, gender, and blood. I have learned covenant.
To all of you who make everyday a challenge and everyday a joy, for your friendship and appreciation of the simple things, for being the epitome of character and honestly and power, for teaching me to let my walls down, for challenge and living poetry, for living the dream, for knowing what it means to laugh....thanks should never go unsaid. You teach and shape me everyday, many without even knowing it....know you are loved....and....thank you.

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