It's a Chicken & Egg Issue

My 5-year old came excitedly to the porch one day with her hands cupped one on top of the other. She ran to me to reveal the treasure inside. As she opened her little hands, that first egg from her very own chickens sat therein. Her smile broadened as we both marveled at her find. The egg itself was very small since this was the first and the chickens were still small themselves. It may well have been the ‘golden-egg’ from Jack in the Beanstalk for the pride she was showing. This was something she had waited and waited and searched for since the chicks began to grow some months ago.
How simple and yet how complex this whole process is. The simplicity lies in making the purchase of the chicks, feeding, watering, nurturing, and watching them grow. She watched and waited and waited some more with anticipation each day that she would find that first egg. Now, a few weeks into the ‘egg-production’ she is getting sometimes 2 and 3 eggs a day and her excitement never diminishes. She is just as happy today as she was that first day with that first egg.
The complexity comes from the actual making of the egg inside the chicken. What’s up with that? How does that happen? Have you ever thought about it? I never gave it much thought I will admit. We go to the grocery, pay our 89c or so, pick up a dozen of these wonders of creation, cook and eat them…end of story until we find ourselves with an empty carton in the middle of making a cake.
Can I say the same about my relationship with Christ? I must admit I am remiss. I really do want a deeper relationship, I want more of God, but do I feed and water and nurture my wants, like that child watching & waiting for those eggs? Do I watch & wait & wait or do I simply pray a few times, hold my hands out in anticipation of ‘manna from heaven’ and then become depressed because I come up empty handed? How long do I actually pray and seek His face in anticipation of a glimpse…ever so small a glimpse, hoping for a bigger payoff down the road? I know it’s what I should do…I know how to do it…but how guilty am I of not following through?
The simplicity or for a better word, the reality is that He too wants a deeper relationship with me. That truth is as complex as the making of the egg. Why? Why would He want more of me? I have nothing really to offer, do I? The difference is He doesn’t NEED a relationship with me, but I need a relationship with Him. But, he desires one. WOW! Think about it…He is pursuing me daily, He is waiting, watching and searching for a word from me. Do I acknowledge His desire? Is my pride aligned where it should be once this revelation occurs in my life? Am I just as excited after a few glimpses as I was with that first glimpse?
In this case, the chicken came before the relationship because it took my child coming to me with hands cupped over a small egg to open my eyes to the realization of what God wants of me.

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