The Glory of Morning

As I sat on the front porch one the morning I watched and listened to the sounds of a new morning. The goats, ducks, geese, chickens, dogs, rooster and cat were all hungry and letting their hunger be known, each in their own way. Some much louder than the other. None of them were very patient…when they see a person on the porch they expect to be catered to, right then.

In the midst of all the waking sounds and the animals that I needed to tend to, song birds joined in the chorus from the highline wires overhead. They weren’t going to be left out when it came to adding their voices to this great wake-up call.

The lights were on in the kitchen where I had begun the morning ritual of breakfast, lunches, etc. as the rest of the house continued to sleep. In front of me I could see the sun coming up as the night burned away and became yet another memory. A heavy dew had once again covered the yard.

It didn’t take long for me to realize the morning was going to progress whether I joined it or not. As sure as the sun was rising, the world would awaken and time would resume. With all the now-noise around me I knew I had only a few minutes to bask in what solitude there was left to grasp.

My eyes wandered beyond the animals, beyond the vehicles in the driveway and beyond the dew-covered grass. I was drawn to the flowers I had planted earlier in the spring. The blue and white Morning Glories spoke to me in a special way that morning as they reached their head heavenward.

The ones I could see from my vantage point were at the top of the vine as if they were attempting each in their own quiet way to get as close to their creator as possible. Each of their heads looked upward, as if in solemn praise & worship. They didn’t have a voice to say a thing, yet their message still resounds in my ear today. ‘Be Still And Know That I Am God’ Psalm 46:10

(c) Shanna Hoskison July 2005

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