O. R. 'Shorty' Freeman Retires


The BFWSC presented Shorty Freeman a plaque at their annual meeting on February 20, 2005. Shorty is pictured with his son Randy who made the presentation.

O.R. “Shorty” Freeman Retires From BFWSC

By: Shanna Hoskison

After 43 years of serving on the Board of the Ben Franklin Water Supply Corporation (BSWSC), O.R. “Shorty” Freeman retires. At the age of 94, Shorty may feel his responsibility to the Ben Franklin community through BFWSC have been ample and he can pass the task on to others. Shorty & Alene, his wife of over 60 years, continue to run the only gas station in Ben Franklin.

Shorty has served in the capacity of Secretary/Treasurer for the BFWSC since the beginning of the corporation itself. In 1963, with the assistance of a FHA loan, BFWSC was formed. According to the 1973 TP&L community improvement contest initiated by individuals in Ben Franklin, one of the greatest attractions for new community members was the BFWSC and it’s capability to provide ‘good, pure water for approximately 75 homes in the Ben Franklin area and approximately 125 meters in Enloe and Lake Creek.’ (Source The Cooper Review, April 5, 1973) Board members, besides Shorty, in 1973 were: J.C. Pardue, president; D. C. Moore, vice-president; J. R. Oliver and Horace Durham, members. Mrs. John R. Waller’s quote says it all in her ‘History of the Community’ for the afore mentioned competition, “The water supply is adequate for our community and surrounding communities; soil is good and productive, farming and ranching in this area is profitable, and the finest people in the whole world live here!”

Current Board of the BFWSC is Benny Lovell, president; Ed Preas, vice-president; Kevin (Doc) Holladay, secretary/treasurer; Randy Freeman, Loyd Vandygriff, Julie Lovell, Dean Thornhill and Elroy Miller, members.

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