How Much Do We Take For Granted?

As we look forward to the coming holiday season, a time filled with family, food, rest, traveling, thanksgiving, etc. Do you ever wonder how much we take for granted and how often we give ‘luck’ the credit when in actuality God is on the scene.

Just think, we at the BFCC have much to ‘crow’ about. At the time of this writing, we are only days away from a real building on top of our own hill in Ben Franklin. A building with it’s own auditorium, kitchen, bathrooms and Sunday school rooms. BUT, think of all the time, effort, and people we have been blessed with to have gotten us to this point.

We began just over a year ago, a bunch of church folks without a church. We had worshiped in a nicely remodeled building one day and then found ourselves ‘in the streets’ the next. Not to say this was a ‘bad’ thing, but it was a turning point in most of our lives. Meeting in a yard, under a tarp with borrowed chairs & podium, we forged forward as the Lord had directed each of us. “I will provide.” He said— “Continue to press in, seek my face & my will and this too will be added unto you.”

Unsure of what we were going to do when winter set in, we continued to meet. We continued to pray and we continued to fan and wish for a breeze. That too God provided, as the singing, praising & true worship began, a soft breeze always followed. It was God breathing upon our very beings and encouraging us.

The weather dictated our meeting place, and we knew we couldn’t continue in a yard. The ONLY building in our small town was graciously loaned to us, indefinitely, as long as we helped to clean it up & keep it up…which we did. Many of us swept, cleaned, loaded, hauled, built, etc. to make our current building ‘livable’ but knowing we couldn’t stay here forever. We have had and continue to have fund-raisers so that we will be able to build our own auditorium in the near future (to date we have about $14,500). In the mean-time though, we have collectively decided it best to move ahead with a smaller building in which we can do little work to and be able to move into hopefully in the weeks ahead.

The very property in which we will move the building onto was believed to be untouchable as it belonged to a life long resident of Ben Franklin and their heirs. BUT, it was freely given. We didn’t even have to ask…God made a way long before we even knew of the need. Who could have guessed, who could have known God’s will for that hill so many years ago?

So, as we reflect upon the past year, and all the accomplishments we have to show for it…and we look forward to the holiday season, take a moment to see how much of our very lives we should give God the credit. Perhaps we have not even realized His hand upon us. We think we have such great driving skill as we swerve to miss that oncoming car in our lane. Maybe we tell everyone about the medicine we discovered that has helped to relieve our pain. Have we given a teacher credit for the impact they have had on the lives of our children? Are our bank accounts swelling because of our investments and smart saving? Where all of these are partially true, we have to go further back, dig deeper, to really see how God has made provision for each of us.

Think about our lives and where we are today…how much of it might we need to re-phrase?
Shanna Hoskison (c) November 2004

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