Don't Hide Your Scars

Do you remember the story of Thomas? How he wouldn’t believe Jesus had risen until he saw the scars in his hand? Notice something important at this point…Jesus didn’t hesitate to show Thomas the scars…he held his hand out and even let Thomas touch them.

We possibly all have physical scars. Scars that mark a fateful bicycle ride down a steep slope, scars that mark a fall on our knees, scars that indicate childbirth, perhaps even scars of a failed attempt to take our own life in one way or the other.

When we look at a scar, the first thing most of us think of is how ugly it is. How it breaks up the smoothness of our skin or disrupts an even line. There are products on the market that will help erase certain scars because of the vanity of most human-beings. Where the ugliness may be true, the scar can be a way to view a life experience (good or bad). Viewing a particular scar we remember how painful it was when it was inflicted. But remember how that pain has subsided and is now gone with nothing more than a vague memory of the initial pain. More than anything we hopefully remember not to go there again, not to push the envelope so to speak or simply to be more careful…next time.

Now, think about the spiritual scars in our lives. Have we had times in our lives that we would rather erase from memory? Remember a time when we were flat on our back and could do nothing but look up? No-one seemed to care or understand what we were going through. We got up – we did recover and we probably experienced a defining moment that would bring us to the next stage in our life as a result. When we realized no-one was there for us, we realized He was there all the time – He was all we had and He was all we needed.

The scars, although painful, were and are for a reason. God uses these times to bring us closer to Him. He sometimes uses pain to help us to recognize our need of his healing touch. But, He doesn’t expect us to hide our scars. Instead He expects us to freely show them and to tell the story of what we went through to get them…how we grew as a result, what we learned. Most of all, recognizing we wouldn’t be where or who we are today if not for that scar.

This is not to say we stand on the street corner yelling to everyone “Look, I have scars to show you!” “My scar’s bigger than your scar!” Rather simply know when to expose the pain, when to say, I understand, and to take a hand out of our pocket and allow someone to share your victory and feel your scar.

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