Give Me a Double Portion

How often have we heard the story of Elijah and Elisha and desired to also have our own double portion? But, what have we done to accomplish our desire? Recently several of the church members went to eat at a local buffet. Everyone had more than enough as was evidenced by the empty plates, bowls and cups on the table. As the main courses finished, people started to wander to the dessert buffet as well. Many came back with their small ‘dessert’ cups and plates and ate their proper portion. Some people went back after more, true, but what Tommy did will bring to light the subject of this story.

Tommy walked to the dessert buffet after being informed his favorite dessert, cherry cobbler, was simply waiting for him there. As he surveyed the table, he said he realized there weren’t any bowls. He looked, waited, and finally one of the waitresses asked if she could help. Tommy, smiling, said there aren’t any bowls for the dessert. She looked to the table and said, “yes”, as she reached for the small dessert bowls, “here they are sir.” Tommy, smiling even bigger stated those weren’t bowls intended for dessert, those were for samples, and he knew what he wanted and didn’t need a sample, he needed a bowl. “Oh”, she said, as she went into the kitchen. She came out, this time herself smiling, with a large basket obviously intended for bread. Tommy, eyes glistening, took the bowl and eagerly began to fill it. As Tommy walked from one end of the restaurant to the other where we were sitting, he carried his ‘double portion’ happily. He rounded the corner as all of us at the table began to laugh at the size of the bowl in comparison to ours; Tommy’s smile never left his face as he sat down proudly with his ‘dessert bowl’ full of cherry cobbler and ice cream.

Thinking upon the event, I came to realize Tommy took action to get his double portion. All the rest of us received our small bowls, simply because that is what was expected of us to do. We didn’t argue, we didn’t expect anything different, and we didn’t get anything out of the ordinary…but Tommy did.

How many of us want a double portion of God’s anointing, but don’t do anything to get it? How many of us say we wish we had what so-n-so has, or wish quietly that God would finally reward us in some way…yet we do nothing but accept what everyone else has. We walk back to the table with our little portions in our hands, smile, and fill our bellies with ‘just enough’…but walk away lacking, again and again.

As Elijah’s mantle fell, Elisha was there to eagerly pick it up. But, Elisha didn’t want a double portion for his own gain, he wanted it because God had started smoldering that flame in his spirit as he watched Elijah’s ministry. As a result, Elisha’s ministry was blessed with twice the miracles, signs and wonders. As Elijah’s chariot of fire took him away, Elisha asked “Where is the Lord God of Elijah?” -- he didn’t want to know where Elijah had gone, or what was happening, he wanted to touch God! I learned a lot from Tommy that evening. I’m not accepting ‘just enough’ anymore, I’m not going to be satisfied with what the world thinks I need, or what is proper…I’m asking for and expecting my double portion and I’m going to walk away like Tommy, with my belly full and a smile on my face, I’m reaching for more of God!

(c) Shanna Hoskison, July 2004

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