Happy New Year!

Another year ahead. Another year that we can be grateful for the opportunities that God has afforded us. What are your plans for 2004? What do you have in mind for the next year of your life? What are the things you didn’t do in 2003 that you want to start and/or finish in 2004? Some interesting questions to say the least. Take just a few moments and ponder the possibilities.

As we were returning from a trip recently, we stopped at a local eatery as we had promised Tirzah a milk shake…for some 100 miles. She, always wants a ‘nilla’ shake, and Terry usually gets chocolate. After she took a few sips, she wanted something to eat as well. Terry got her some chicken nuggets, fries, and a coke. We sat down to rest before making the last leg of our trip. Tirzah wanted to trade her ‘nilla’ shake for her Daddy’s chocolate (of course). I lined up the 3 cups, along with her meal in front of her. She asked, “Is that my chocolate shake?” “Yes,” I answered. “Is that my nilla shake? Is that my coke?” “Yes, and Yes, now eat…we want to get home.” I said. Looking at the 3 cups before her, her face twisted a bit and she said “I want water.”

My first thought was what a spoiled child Terry has raised. Then as I thought about it over the next week or so, I realized she spoke what most of us only think. She verbalized what most of us don’t dare. She wanted what she didn’t have. Of course as a 4-year old, she wasn’t putting much thought into her words…but she made me think.

We need to be reaching for more. Here, laid out in front of us in a neat line are our Bible, Christian books, Christian CD’s, etc…but we should want and strive for more. We should want a deeper relationship with our heavenly Father. We should be striving for more of God in our lives. We shouldn’t be satisfied when God has more for us. As adults we are supposed to be content…we are supposed to be ‘mature’ and we are supposed to set the example for our children. But, we stop way too short sometimes of what God has for us because we take our present, open it, marvel at it and then go play with it. We didn’t think to look behind the tree…there was something else. Something God had picked out just for us…if we would have simply reached a little bit further. We should be happy in the present tense, and be happy we are traveling down the path but not loose sight of what is to come.

This coming year, reach for more. Challenge yourself and don’t be ‘satisfied’ with what you did and received in 2003. It might have even been a good year, but just imagine the possibilities for the year ahead when we reach just a little bit further. Perhaps it was a ‘bad’ year…we all have those, in that case, 2004 has so much more room for improvement!
When we have 2 shakes, a coke and fries in front of us – ask for water. I bet God will be there in a flash with a smile on His face – because we wanted a closer and deeper relationship with Him and we weren’t afraid to ask for more, of Him.

Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth for those things which lie ahead. Phil 3:13 ©Shanna Hoskison Jan, 2004

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