I Have No Talent!

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you are here? Here, as in your purpose in life while you are alive. Why did God create you when He did? What has He called you to? You may think you don’t have any talent. You can’t think of anything that you can ‘do’ to please God. Truth is, it’s probably not about you at all.

Too many times we put ourselves where we were never supposed to be. We begin contemplating our life, our dreams, our talents, our purpose, etc., when all along, we simply need to take ‘I’ out of the picture, take ‘me’ out of the equation, and forget ‘myself’ in the scheme of things.

I was asked one time what I thought was my calling. After I contemplated it for awhile I had to say my answer was not theological, sensible or even inspirational. It was simply the answer I had that best suited my thinking—once I got ‘me’ out of the picture.

After 2 years of marriage, Terry and I were expecting our first born. Terrica came to us in 1982 without fireworks, without a tickertape parade and without much of anything out of the ordinary. We had a beautiful baby girl. She cooed, she smiled and she held our fingers tight. Terrica grew, went to school, and began to turn into the young woman that we never imagined. As parents, I don’t think we ever really imagine what our children will become. We may have dreams and we may push in one direction or another…but inevitably these kids are going to make their own way in the world.

Terrica began pursuing her calling into the ministry at the age of 13. She finished school at 17 and entered a ministry internship. Terrica has touched more lives than I could ever imagine for Christ. She has a bold personality and a zeal for God that you see in TV evangelists…she can talk herself out of a box, and allows God full reign in her life to be used of Him.

In 2000, along came Tirzah. Yes, our girls are 18 years apart…to no planning on our part (obviously), to no thought of having more children, etc. One day I simply went to the Doctor to confirm my suspicions…and the tests proved positive. After I once again got ‘myself’ behind me and realized Tirzah was called of God and I was only a vessel to get her here…well, it was then that I saw the whole picture.

Tirzah, totally unknowingly to her, draws people towards Christ. Her 3 year old conversation amazes most. Her ability to pray humbles even the staunchest elder, and her willingness to listen, learn and teach brings smiles to some faces that haven’t used those muscles in quite some time.

So, this story isn’t about me, it’s not about Terrica or Tirzah, it’s about Christ. You see, my calling on earth, the reason I am here, and the reason for the season, is because it’s not about me at all. It’s about me birthing these girls into a corrupt world so that they might make a difference in their generations. It’s about the extent to which God will go to ensure others hear and head His word.

You may think you don’t have any special talents…think again, God doesn’t need special anything…simply someone humble enough to be willing.

(c) Shanna Hoskison, Nov. 7, 2003

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