Am I In His Will?

Do you ever find yourself wondering if what you are doing is the ‘right’ thing to do? Is it what God told you to do or is it simply something you told God you were going to do and asked His blessings upon?

I thought of that recently as we pulled into the yard and found one of Tirzah’s goats, again, stuck in the fence. Lucy, a small steer goat continues to look on the other side of the fence to graze, even though there is more than enough in his yard to keep him busy. I can just imagine his thoughts when he wakes up… “Great! The sun is up, I’m hungry. Think I’ll go over here with the other goats for a while.” “Hmmm, that grass on the OTHER side of the fence is so much greener, it’s more lush, and…here, I’ve done this before and my human will get me out if I get stuck.” Lucy punches his head through the fence, and then his small horns follow. He munches on the grass for a bit until he notices all the other goats are gone…they have moved into the shade.

As he tries and tries to pull his head back through the fence nothing works. Minutes turn into hours as the sun gets hotter. “Why did I do this again? Why didn’t I listen the last time my human got me out?” “But,” Lucy reasons, “if my human didn’t want me to put my head through this fence, why didn’t he make the holes in the fence smaller?” as he begins to bleat.

Sound familiar? I’ve had very similar conversations with God. Surely God wants me to have the best, and I know what I want and need, so surely God will bless my decisions & efforts, won't He? NOT! Reality is, our responsibility is to listen to God’s plans and for HIS invitation to join Him, not vice-versa. It’s also not His responsibility to get us out every time we stick our head where it shouldn’t be…it is only through His grace that He comes to our bleating cry.

But, thankfully, when we are in His will and we do hear His voice (through prayer, the word, and supplication) and follow His leading, He lets us know we made the right decision. He confirms through many avenues. Perhaps someone will call and give you a word of encouragement, and it’s just what you needed to hear at that particular time…that’s God calling. Or maybe you hear a song that speaks to your very soul…that’s God. All at once in a crowded room, you feel at peace with your surroundings…yes, that’s His hand covering you.

Just like the fence is a safe-guard for the goats, God has boundaries set up for us. Places he doesn‘t want us to go, but won’t stop us – because of that free-will thing. There are reasons for the fences in our lives, as soon as we learn to appreciate them, and stop sticking our heads where they were never meant to go, the sooner God will reveal His perfect will for each of our lives.

The grass may look greener, but until we see our Shepherd opening the gate it’s not wise to try to make our will happen. We are His followers, there’s a good reason for that. And following has it’s rewards… we don’t have to lock horns with the fence. He’ll smile on us and our lives will be blessed, over and over and over.

(c) Shanna Hoskison, October 2003

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