It's Automatic

Have you noticed how many conveniences we have? With today’s technology it seems nothing is impossible. We have automatic doors, automatic locks, automatic hand dryers, automatic washers, automatic tap water, automatic messaging, automatic email….some bathrooms even have automatic commodes that flush by themselves! Now that’s a bit scary the first time you experience it. I have to admit I looked around to see if someone was in the stall with me….you know a ‘courtesy flush’ for our best customers person. I am happy to say, it was simply another newfangled devise.

But, as history has dictated, the more things change the more they stay the same. Even with all the automatics we have available, some of the most important take time and effort on our part.

Do you want to be able to talk to your children? You have to spend time with them, talking to them, getting to know them, etc. Do you want a good relationship with your spouse—turn off the TV and look them in the eye and ask about their day. Inquire how they are feeling, and perhaps offer them some of your time…just for them.

Do you sometimes feel like your prayers are going as high as the ceiling? Perhaps they are. Perhaps you haven’t spent quality time with your Father in quite a while and He is having a hard time making out your voice. Or maybe He is simply waiting you out to see if you will come back tomorrow for another visit.

Relationships are never ‘Automatic’ they take effort. They take time, love, concern, understanding and a true desire to become closer. We can read all the Christian books we can find, we can go to every conference in our area, and we can even read the Bible, daily. But, all these things, without a one-on-one effort for a relationship will get us ‘as high as the ceiling’—I want to go beyond and I know that ceiling isn’t going to open automatically! --© Shanna Hoskison, August 2003

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