If You Had Faith As A...Rat Terrier

(Luke 17:6--Liberally Paraphrased)

Recently we took our small dogs to a pet clinic in a neighboring community. This was to alleviate the need to visit the vet clinic and possibly save some money. I’m all for the latter. Upon arriving at our destination, my daughter and I went to the back of the truck to unload our cargo of less than 10 lbs. The smallest of the 2 dogs, a Rat Terrier, named Tripod was chewing on the bars of her box and barking. The larger, a Fox Terrier, Ricky wasn’t quite sure what was going on, and was simply ready to get out.

My 3-year old decided she could take care of Ricky, and I obliged by handing her his leash. I attempted to unload Tripod and calm her down. As soon as she got out, she looked around, continued to bark and chew at her leash and run head-long into the crowd. I realized I would have to pick her up at this point. Dog hair flying, I scooped her into my arms, hoping all the other dogs were making more noise and the other patrons weren’t really looking in our direction. Wrong!

The entire time we were in line, Tripod continued to bark. Here was small 2 lb dog, ready to take on the world. I had already put her back into the confines of her box once (attempting to tire her), completed Ricky’s regime, and still she was convinced she was the biggest, baddest, and most prominent dog in town. People continued to stare, big dogs cowered and Tripod barked, and barked and barked. Louder and louder and more violent her barks rang in my ears. At one point a 20 lb dog, in front of us, peered between the legs of his man-person…how dare he! Tripod literally tried to leap from my arms as if to say to that dog, “Don’t EVEN Go There!”

Amidst the sweat, aggravation, frustration, and embarrassment, I just knew God must be trying to speak to me…if Tripod would just SHUT UP long enough for me to hear!

Then about 2 weeks later (when my ears quit ringing), it hit me. Faith! Yes, Faith. This dog had faith, blind faith, and lots of it, all her little 2 lb body could hold…she was full of it. This dog just knew she could accomplish cleaning house if I would just release her. And, I have to admit, the patrons and other dogs shared her belief. Most people call it ‘GRIT’ when a dog has such confidence, whatever you want to call it…I admired it (2 weeks later I admired it…not at the time).

God began asking me some probing questions…do you attack your tasks with such vigor? Do you, after hearing from Me, run full force, never looking back? Do you believe [have faith] that you can accomplish the task? Do others get out of your way simply because they know you have a job to do? Do they believe you will be successful because of the God you profess? Do people turn and look at you as you profess my name and my goodness to you?

I’ve learned much from this dog…I need more GRIT for God!

Shanna Hoskison (c) July 2003

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