When I See Him...

Recently I took our 3 year old daughter, Tirzah, to visit her 20 year old sister, Terrica, in another state. Even 17 ˝ years apart, with no other siblings in the family, these 2 have a very special bond.

We arrived at our destination about 30 minutes before the Terrica returned home. Climbing flights of stairs and walking around the apartment complex proved to be an adventure for about 15 of those 30 waiting minutes. I coaxed Tirzah to climb the stairs and watch over the railing for her sister to arrive. That way she would be able to watch her car approach and see her first…and to add appeal she could ‘hide’ until her sister looked up. This was an exciting time for Tirzah, she hadn’t seen Terrica in about 3 months. Plus the 4-hour trip was an enduring one for a toddler (and her mom!).

A few minutes ticked by as Tirzah gazed over the railing hoping for a glimpse of Terrica’s car. Nothing. More seconds and more minutes passed. Tirzah was loosing interest in this game. She decided to once again descend the stair well and look for her sister. When she got to the 2nd or 3rd step down, I saw the much awaited entry. I told her… ‘Here comes Terrica…!’ Tirzah froze in her steps…she looked down the remaining stairs expectedly and seemingly held her breath, smiling from ear to ear.

Terrica lumbered out of the vehicle, not knowing how long Tirzah had been waiting for her. She began the climb, up one flight, up two flights…Tirzah stayed on the 3rd flight, still holding her breath. When Terrica came into view, Tirzah’s feet began to fidget, her legs wanted to move, but I reminded her she was on steps and to be still. She said nothing as her sister approached her.

Terrica reached out her arms as Tirzah leaped into their grasp. Tears began to well up in Tirzah’s eyes. She held onto her sister, hugged her tightly and made not a noise. Terrica, not understanding the tears asked why Tirzah had been crying. I explained, “She only started when she saw you.”

The question came to mind as I witnessed this sisterly love unfolding in front of me…do I meet my heavenly father with such love? This is the one who gave his life, freely, for me! Do I come into his presence with fidgety feet and limp limbs? When I see his face do I run to him and hug him…unable to hold back the tears? Am I speechless with love? I wonder….

Shanna Hoskison (c) April 2003

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