A Weson For You

A Weson For You

Recently I was talking to my 2 ½ year old about the 7 new baby kittens on our back porch, courtesy of her momma cat (named House). We were talking about how cute they were, how to treat them nicely, etc. We were also discussing the fact that we had to find homes for them and how we weren’t going to have any more kittens after this bunch (we have had 2 litters in 4 months—I know when enough is enough).

She looked rather hurt when I told her I was going to take her cat to the doctor and have him to fix her so she wouldn’t have any more kittens. I hurriedly explained that her cat was coming home from the doctor. She then seemed appeased and content.
She looked over at me with a big smile and said, “Let’s give her a weson, moma.” I cocked my head, smiled, and said “A what?” again she said “Let’s give house-cat a weson” very matter-of-factly. I didn’t want to suppress her enthusiasm, and at this age toddlers tend to get frustrated when you don’t understand them so I said “Well, OK…go ahead, you give her a weson.” I wasn’t sure what kind of Pandora's box I had just opened, because I had no clue as to what she was trying to convey to me. She jumped out of the swing, walked over to the cat (who was just sitting there looking up at her), proceeded to put one hand on her hip and with another finger in a pointing gesture said, “House-cat, me and moma are going to take you to the doctors. He is going to fix you so’s you won’t have no more baby kitty’s for us to give away. Then we are going to bring you back home.” A light-bulb went off in my head! A LESSON…she was talking to the cat in the same manner that adults in her life do to her. She was teaching her a lesson. 

Wow! As I have pondered this, laughed about it, and pondered it again, I came to the realization that we all need a weson once in a while. And we should receive it arms outstretched. 

You know, God comes to us daily with a weson. We may simply be saying “A What?” too often instead of just saying “Well, Ok, God—give me a weson.” As he jumps from His throne and points His finger at us, we need to simply sit there and look up at Him, absorbing his guidance and wisdom. Sometimes we might even be expected to do something too. But we have to be willing to watch and listen and learn. 

It is just possible we are missing a blessing. Could it be we want to hear and see the intended blessing more clearly before we accept the gift? The scriptures clearly state “God’s ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts. (Isa 55:8)” why would we think all His words would be words we know and understand? Perhaps He wants us to exercise a little more faith, faith in Him to give us what we truly need.

Strangely enough I learned a weson from my 2 ½ year old. This is a humbling experience in itself. After all, I’m some 30 years older than she is! I am the one who should be teaching her a ‘weson’ not vice versa. Then God whaps me upside the head and says: “…and a little child shall lead them (Isa 11:6).”

Ok, God, I get it…another weson learned.
--Shanna Hoskison (c) Nov 2002

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