Coveted Communion Bread

Coveted Communion Bread

We all go to the 'Lords Table' with different expectations. Each month as we re-visit this tradition and solemn practice, we are reminded of the purpose. Why we are there, why we are partaking, what it means and mostly, where our hearts should be. We all have expectations.

It is with thanks and honor that we meet our Lord at the kneeling rail, altar or even with our face buried in a pew. The bread is passed, and as we partake, a whispered "Bless you," "Remember," "He Loves You," etc. can be heard in the hush of the room. As the drink is passed, again, more whispered words of commitment, prayer and supplication and our expectation grows.
Remembering the why's is very important, knowing we are to have a clean heart and a forgiving and forgiven spirit is crucial before partaking of the 'supper.' It is with this clean slate we arise from the table and begin anew, a walk back to our seats, full of expectation for the coming day, week and month.

Our pastor (Rev. John Edwards) has taken a servant attitude of late, with this particular aspect of our services. He has delighted most of us, with a change from the normal 'unleavened' bread and cracker with home-made bread. The bits torn from the bread have become bigger and bigger with gaping holes, more obvious if you are at the end of the line. After services, there are people drawing straws to see who gets to take the left-overs home.

A recent 'supper' was somewhat different. As each of us partook of the soft, yeasty, bread…expectations went out the window. As I began to chew my bite, I noticed those at the beginning of the line had already downed their symbolic wine, and quite robustly too. It was just about that time that I realized how different this bread was. My normal & regular expectations were shattered. My otherwise ‘reverent’ face had to be taking on a new shape. I’m really looking forward to the passing of the cup at this time. The bread was riddled with nothing other than...jalapenos!

I’ve learned over the years that Bro. John is unconventional (thankfully), he forces us to see things and think about things, in a ‘different’ light. Perhaps Bro. John had more of a festive atmosphere in mind when he made the bread. Something ‘different’ from the normal whispers and hushed tones? Perhaps it was to shatter our normal expectations and realize how God can change our thoughts (if we allow Him)…and to realize this is a celebration (my mouth was experiencing some major fireworks)! And perhaps it was God’s way, through John’s cooking, to remind us that His thoughts (expectations) are not ours, His ways are not our ways (Isa 55:8) and how we are to wait for His leading before setting any preconceived notions in motion.

After all, this is His (Christ’s) supper, not ours. He has only invited us to partake in this Holy Sacrament with Him, but He calls the shots. We are in His house and this is His food, we are to partake gladly (eat such things as are set before you… Luke 10:8).

I must admit, it was a first to have jalapeno bread at the communion table and perhaps it won’t be the last, because I learned a lot about myself as a result. I have come to the realization that being different is what God has called each of us to be. And to expect the unexpected when it comes to my walk with Him.(2 Cr 6:17 -- "Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate (different), saith the Lord.“) (c) Shanna Hoskison Sept 2002

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