Cross Sculpture

Diary of a Cross Sculpture

April 22, 2002--The BFUMC is undergoing some ‘landscape’ updates. The old bell tower has been removed; the bell is safe and having a new tower fitted. The new structure will be about 20 foot tall, in the shape of a cross. Within the center of the cross, the bell will find it’s new home. This will be a great addition to the newly renovated church. For now there is a large hole in the yard though…that first step is a doozie.

May 13, 2002--About 20 people were on hand early Monday morning when a large crane came rolling into Ben Franklin to see a large iron cross being set in place at The Ben Franklin Church. With cameras and videos rolling the crane locked onto the structure, built in part by Eddie Preas, Billy Poteet and Al Clark, and set it down on a great concrete pad in front of the church. The original bell that has been at the church for several years will be put in place in the next week or two, in the cross section of the immense sculpture. No-one realized Eddie Preas was such an artist when it came to iron and welding rods. It is truly a sight to behold and once it is painted and completed with the bell, it will surely be an eye opener to passers-by.

May 20, 2002--The cross-sculpture is up, towering almost as tall as the church itself and the age-old bell now tolls once again within it’s confines. Those responsible for this project are much appreciated. The church as taken on a whole new look with this great addition to it’s landscape. With new underpinning in the works and the flower garden under review, it promises to make a great impact on passerby’s as well as those who enter it’s doors.

  •  Pictoral of the Cross Raising (pg1)
  •  Pictoral of the Cross Raising (pg2)
  •  Pictoral of the Cross Raising (pg3)
  •  Pictoral of the Cross Raising (pg4)

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