That Love

 T&TSo often during the work day I find that the Lord will sneak up on me and just surprise me, not for anything incredibly revolutionary, just to remind me of His love for me. Of course, that in itself is revolutionary. The God who holds the sun on a string, Who's breath paints the skies, and Who's divine concern never ceases to cause each bud to bloom, takes time from His busy schedule of keeping lives and creation in sync, to drop in on me.
Amazing isn't it?

Recently, I took a second to call home. After chatting with my mom, I talked to my baby sister, Tirzah. She didn't say much but 'Hi' , 'luv Teca' (love Terrica) and 'Bye-bye'...but I was none the less inspired. I told her I was coming to see her, and she just laughed. When she says my name she crosses her arms over her chest and hugs herself...she does the same thing when you ask her where Jesus her heart...that's love. It's amazing to me that a 14 month old child understands love in its purest form. She doesn't know betrayal, hurt, or unfaithfulness, only innocence, and yet her concept of love is so uncorrupted that she no doubt has a greater understanding of it than we. Her knowledge has not been influenced by Hollywood, or Seventeen Magazine....only the Holy Spirit of God that even now is active and apparent in her life. It amazes me. THAT love, the love a 14 month old child displays, that's what I strive for in life, in marriage, in faith. Love in it's purest form that the world has no foothold in. In phrases that only a mother could discern, God speaks clearly...through a babe. “Out of the mouths of babes and nursing infants you have perfected praise." Matt 21:16

Again, the truth of the Word of God becomes so real to me. It's amazing, truly. I am humbled, again. Her simple, unknown display encourages and inspires me to get those things out of my life that would in any way influence my own concept of love. Wow-I knew God would anoint her, use her...even to minister to me....that's humbling.

He does exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or even imagine (Eph 3:20) and sometimes it seems that as we stare to the heavens, reaching up just to tug at His robes, He romantically wraps His arms around us from behind and swings us in circles, completely taking our breath away....that's my God, my Father, the Lover of my soul. That's using a baby's few syllables to reaffirm countless scriptures in my heart and life. That's the love I pursue, to show, to have, to give, to know.

Read more about Terrica and her calling by clicking the "Terrica @ The Honor Academy" to the left.

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