Ignorance is the root of misfortune

I used to sit in my freshman English class and stare at this quote (Ignorance is the root of misfortune) framed on the wall. I read it so many times that it became ingrained in my memory. This weekend, the truth of it was revealed to me in a whole new way.

My friend and I were sitting outside waiting on a ride when a guy came cruising by on a body board, which is basically a huge skateboard. First of all, you have to know my friend. She's a crazy blonde who loves to wear pink and red whenever possible, and her only passion in life is reaching the cowboys of America with the gospel. She's always up for a challenge or anything out of the ordinary. We balance each other out well, as I tend to be a little more down to earth, or as she would describe me, a girly girl.

After a few minutes of watching this guy cruise by, Julia got a great idea! She suddenly grabbed me by the hand and dragged me over to the sidewalk. "Ok Terrica! We have to stop him next time!" I was a little confused for a moment, but things suddenly made a little more sense as he got closer and the excitement in her eyes mounted. She flagged him down, somehow persuaded him to loan her his board, and with a squeal grabbed my hand again and took off.

I was flabbergasted! We sprinted to the cafeteria, which landscape wise, lies rather UPHILL from the dorms. She then turned to me, smiled, and said "Get on!" "What?!? Jules no! What are you doing?" Again, she smiled, "Terrica, we only live once, now, get on." Reluctant, yet somehow persuaded, I sat down. She crawled on in front of me grabbing both my legs to steer, and laughed. I began to intercede. A cluster of curious interns had gathered at the bottom of the hill and along the sidewalk, waiting. Then we launched off! We flew faster than I thought was possible down what seemed an endless walkway, me holding on eyes shut and screaming, Julia face to the wind squealing in delight! Suddenly we began to veer to the right, and I lost it, jerking the other direction! We fishtailed for a moment and then BAM!!!...we flipped off the board sliding down concrete (yes-it's possible to slide on concrete!) We laid sprawled on the walk for a moment, laughter and cheers ringing, and relief washed over me.

And then suddenly, Julia was on her feet pulling me up, "Come on Terrica! We almost made it all the way to the bottom!" "What?!!?" There was no point in arguing!

After about 8 tries, all ending in disaster as I somehow threw us off balance, I climbed to my feet, noticing a searing pain in my foot. You see-I had been so wise as to continue our adventure in flip-flops, and on the crash, my big toe had been split right down the middle and was gushing everywhere! Being the girly girl that I am, I began to panic!

"Julia-look at my toe! Oh no! Ah-the pain! JULIA!!" My compassionate friends only response, "Suck it up Terrica, we haven't made it yet! If you wouldn't get scared we would have made it 15 minutes ago!" I guess at that point sheer terror filled my eyes, or tears, I'm not sure as I was still in much shock. We argued forever about the severity of my injury before she reluctantly trotted to the top again as I limped away to call an ambulance. That time, she made it all the way to the bottom...yeah...I was sure impressed with her victory as I laid on my deathbed. I whined long enough to annoy her to carry me in the dorm on her back, to the second floor bathroom, blaming her for my pain the entire way. My second mistake came as I allowed miss cowgirl with much experience in doctoring her horses, attempt to put a cast on my toe. Between my whining and her making fun, I think we woke the whole dorm up. So-for the last week or so I have limped around in a toe cast and flip-flops (ironically) and made hundreds of explanations as to why. Really-it hurt a lot, I'm not joking.

My lesson in this, the key issue of the book of Proverbs, wisdom, which in this case I used not. I knew before the first try down the sidewalk that it could only end in disaster. Lack of faith? Nooo, more like ignoring the voice of the spirit, dismissing wisdom. It's the simple things in life that are sometimes so enlightening. As I have limped around the past few days, I have felt rather foolish, yet have experienced again, humility. Every hobble I picture God on the throne, smiling down once again on me and chuckling, "My child, My child, you're learning..."

Terrica Hoskison (c) March 2001

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