An Angel Unaware


She got off late one evening from work. She had attempted to get gas before going in but circumstances just didn’t allow. She simply had to fill-up before making the 20-mile trip home in the dark of night, that is if she wanted to get home that evening. Her parents had often warned her about coming straight home; therefore she was in a hurry so as not to alarm them. Making this detour put her on a different route home. As she traveled through town she glanced in the rear-view mirror, the local hospital loomed in her view. Then, just as clear as the rear-view image, a voice told her to go in and take the elevator to the top floor. She was in a hurry to get home so she ignored the voice. As she made the corner she began to feel bad for not obeying. She said to herself, “If I see a sign leading me back, then I’ll go.” She went about 2 more blocks and saw the blue and white ‘Hospital’ sign with an arrow pointing her in direction she should go. Although it went against everything she knew to be the right thing that night, she made the turn and headed back.

She didn’t know anyone in the hospital, it was late and visiting hours were over. She assumed she would enter and someone would simply throw her out (hope was in the back of her mind). She would have obeyed that voice in her head, and then she could go home, hopefully her parents would be asleep in case she was a few minutes late. As she entered the lobby, no one was around. She went to the elevator, entered, and pushed the top floor button. As the floors ticked off she expected the doors to open at any time and there would be that someone to ask her what she was doing there so late, didn’t she know visiting hours were over? The doors finally opened at the top floor, no stops in between. She found herself on the Rehab Floor. She thought to herself, “Great, this is probably the place where drunks are put to dry-out, or worse yet, crazy people are put here by their families as a last resort.” What was she doing here? Again, she continued to think (and pray) someone would stop her and tell her to go home, and she would, gladly.

She walked up and down the deserted halls, for what seemed like hours. She could see the nurse’s station but none of them even looked up. She coughed a few times and cleared her throat, in an unconscious effort to get someone’s attention. Nothing worked. As she glanced into the rooms for a clue, she prayed “God you sent me here…now what?” Room after room, hall after hall, everyone was asleep. She looked into a room where an old gentleman was sitting up in the bed. He was watching a Christian broadcast on TV. She entered the room and he stared at her, she stared back. After a few strained minutes, he asked her “Can I help you?” She answered, “No…would you mind if I come in?” He shrugged, and looked surprised as she entered his room. She sat down on the side of the bed and began talking with him. She found out quickly that he was nearly deaf and she had to speak rather loudly. She knew for sure someone would hear her in that dark and quiet hospital. When she asked him how he was, he said “Not too good, I haven’t been able to use the bed pan for several days now.” She was beginning to wonder why God wanted to reveal His sense of humor to her at this time of night. She kept thinking how mad her parents were going to be, her mother had just given her ‘the lecture’ not 2 days ago. They talked for about 5 minutes, just niceties, when she finally asked him if she could pray for him. He looked at her funny and said yes. She took his hand and said a simple prayer asking God to watch over him and care of him. As she finished and opened her eyes it was evident the man didn’t hear her Amen, so she said it again, louder this time, the old man said ‘Amen’ too. As she leaned over and lightly kissed this man she had never seen on the forehead and told him goodbye, she noticed tears rimming his eyes.

She hurriedly stepped into the hallway and as she started past his room she heard his words in a hushed tone, “God, I don’t know who that was. You know no one ever comes to visit me here. Thank you for sending her. Bless her in a special way.” Tears began to stream down her face. She stood there a few minutes more realizing; this is why she was sent there. To bring hope to someone that didn’t think anyone cared. She regained her composure, straightened up and passed by the nurse’s station on her way out. Again, none of them even knew she had been there or acknowledged her presence. As she reached the end of the nurse’s area she heard the old man’s voice come over the speaker. “Could someone come help me? I think I need a bedpan.” She smiled, and said to herself, “…funny how a bedpan can be one person’s answer to prayer.”

This is a true account as told to me by my daughter, Terrica, who is the SHE in the story. Shanna Hoskison (c) June 2000

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