In The Middle of Nowhere

Living in the boonies has a lot of pros and cons, equally depending on your opinion. One con is the fact that a person has to drive 6-10 miles to the nearest store to get a loaf of bread. Another might be the fact that all your neighbors are at least ¼ a mile away (this is debatable, as neighbors go). A person has to be good at planning ahead instead of running out of staples such as milk and eggs. One pro might be you have lots of room to stretch out without bothering your neighbor’s lawn. Another could be that you have to drive 6-10 miles to get a loaf of bread, because you don’t need to be eating all that bread!

Living in the boonies offers a scenic route no matter where you choose to roam on any given day. From hills, valleys and trees, the scenes are endless. With the changing of the season you actually ‘live’ the changing instead of experiencing it on TV or in magazines. This also means you will be raking leaves soon too!

One particular day, a scenic drive into town brought me to the middle of nowhere. It was several miles to any house or even a gate to a pasture. I came upon a stop sign and paused. Looking to my left I noticed a large cedar tree. It must have been 10-12 feet tall, and shaped perfectly by God’s hand. I glanced to my right and made the turn. I had to get to town to pick up some groceries before that predicted cold snap blew in.

After making my purchases and loading the baby back into the truck we made our trip back the same way we had come. I noticed that same cedar tree in the middle of nowhere. This time is was different. It was decked with red, gold, and green glittering bows. From the top branch to the bottom, bows were everywhere. I looked in every direction as I stopped at that stop sign for who would have taken the time to decorate this tree. Perhaps it was the owner of the pasture next to it? Perhaps it was a passer-by with the same thoughts I had earlier of what a perfect shape it was.

God is like the person that took the time to decorate the branches of that tree. We are all special, shaped perfectly for what He wants to do with us. Yet, until He came into our lives we were just another tree on a scenic route out in the boonies. He chose us from the middle of nowhere and made us shine, all we had to do was be willing to bow our heads and receive His blessings.

From the Scenic Ben Franklin to Roxton Texas Backroads by Shanna Hoskison © December 11, 2000.

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