Back To School -- 101

Dear Child:

This time of year always brings with it so many emotions as your parents.

We pray first for you, our child, flesh of our flesh, bone of our bone. We pray for God’s covering during the school day, from the bus ride to school, to the bus ride home. We pray God rocks you in His bosom when we are apart. That He keep you safe from harm and lead you as He desires as you study and learn.

We pray next for the Teachers, Workers and Administrators at your school. May God give them the patience, knowledge and wisdom necessary to lead and guide you in your learning process as well as your daily relationships & interactions.

Lastly we pray for your classmates & friends. We pray you will use wisdom in choosing the right friends which you will interact daily. And I pray you will be a positive and Godly example to all the students, teachers and administrators you come in contact with.

This school year promises to be the best yet. As you begin this new journey, know that when you have a bad day (and you will), we are at home, ready to listen, willing to help and love you unconditionally through it all. We will champion your dreams when no-one else seems to care, we will support and love you -- we’ll be there for the skits, parties, games and other events…because YOU are a special gift from God, given only to us, your parents.

We are more grateful than you will ever know. Dad & Mom

Tirzah you’re one of the greatest life-teachers any parents could have!

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