Life Lessons from Winterfest 2009

At the recent trip to the youth convention, better known as Winterfest, I always wonder what God might impart to each individual during the weekend. Below is a tidbit of my personal life lesson(s).

After Friday night and Saturday morning services, some of the group heads to the mall during the break prior to the Saturday evening slate of events. We all pile into the van as our driver takes off confidently. Most of the passengers simply ride along without questioning anything, much less…does our driver know how to get to the destination? Blind faith it might be called.

One of the passengers (remaining nameless) must have had some foresight as they recorded our start time. THIS was the first red flag if you will. The teens in the back of the van chatter aimlessly about the services, the groups and what they want for lunch…constantly. After a time, the clock watcher makes a note that we’ve been on the road long enough to have reached our destination…to which the driver simply smiles. All is well, right?

We have to make a necessary pit-stop at a service station and the driver asks a ‘local’ how to get to the mall…(this was the first of MANY locals we asked) they point in the general direction (they all did the same pointing), spout off some short directions and off we go again. Some of the passengers even begin making calls to people ‘who will know’ how to get there as well.

After traveling well over an hour, the mall is finally in sight! PTL!! The clock watcher simply makes the statement, ‘it took us over an hour to make what should have been a 20 minute drive…’ to which the driver said, ‘I can’t believe WE didn’t see the mall as many times as we have been up and down this road!’

What isn’t revealed in the story above is that we were within 2 mins of the mall at one time (an hour prior) when we dropped off one of the passengers at the Bass Pro Shop…however, we never looked BEHIND the store to see the Mall, why would we? We blindly headed back the way we came and looked for the next appropriate exit.
This writer learned much from the adventure…1) take heed to red-flags, 2) print driving directions…even if the driver is confident (blind faith in the wrong person will get you in trouble), 3) understand that only God knows the right direction our lives should be headed…not necessarily locals who live in the same area and seem to remember how to get ‘there’ 4) don’t wait until you are lost to ask directions (although, this is a good plan B) 5) laugh anyway…because it makes for a great story!

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