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Working at a local University I see lots of sights, lots of people, lots of things. Some expected, some not so expected. From the Agriculture Building it is the norm to see men and women coming and going in their jeans, belt buckles, and cowboy hats. Across the road is the Art Building in which you see anything from trench coats in summer to Raggedy Ann red hair and tattoos and lots of ear-rings (not all in the ears either). The Business Building is a mix of students pursuing various degrees; the majority of the attendees wear casual, comfortable clothes. Regardless of the college or building, all the students go through their days hurrying from class to class, toting books, back-backs, cell phones, etc. Along the halls you can see students stopping to go over the test they just took (some can be quite animated), chatting about the movie they saw last night and their weekend plans. “Normal” as any college scene could get. Occasionally a student will have to bring their young child to class due to a lack of a babysitter, sick spouse or whatever. It is at those times the halls ring with laughter, pitter-patter of little feet and the squeaking of baby carriages.

One particular day I was on my way down the hall to another office. I noticed the normal ‘between class’ scenes. Students stopping to take a needed break, pass the time or re-group their thoughts. The few chairs and benches along the corridors filled up quickly. I passed a bench with a young man deep in thought and a book in hand. My minds eye caught the book he was reading. As I passed I took a few more steps toward my office when it registered he wasn’t reading a textbook. He wasn’t looking at a test catalog. He was reading his Bible. Wow! Amidst all the hustle and bustle in the hall he was able to concentrate on what His Heavenly Father wanted for the remainder of his day. I just had to stop. I turned around to face him, he looked up as I said, “You must be studying for a test.” He said, “No, this is just my regular reading.” Again I was amazed. He wasn’t even petitioning God for guidance for an upcoming test or anything in particular, he was simply reading. In a secular University you don’t get this scene much. I’m sure there are lots of students that believe in God, fellowship with God, attend church, etc. But this student impressed me because he actually took God seriously enough to take Him to class. To have God sit next to him during his studies and he even went to the extent to read His word between what had to be a busy day. He was even able to concentrate with all the stuff going on around him.

I began to feel a bit ashamed. I find myself making excuses all the time for not reading my Bible. It’s too loud (believe me, those halls are loud), I can’t concentrate (people moving all around this guy), I have too much to do (his book bag indicated he wasn’t taking only one class), etc. This one student put all my excuses to rest. He made the choice to stop and take a break--with God. Now, where’s that Bible I stuffed in my desk drawer just for emergencies…..?

From the halls of Texas A&M University-Commerce.
By Shanna Hoskison (c) Nov 30, 2000

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