Roxton Christmas Parade Entry

This time of year we are all bombarded with the typical marketing ploys of retailers ‘Season of Giving’ in order to boost their sales numbers. The Ben Franklin Community Church (BFCC) took the retailers suggestion this year…in a whole new way. The Roxton Christmas Parade (December 8, 2007) found many of the typical floats, horses, cars and vehicles in their line-up.


Among the parade entries was the BFCC’s ‘Sharing Christmas Blessings’ truck and trailer. About 20 children and adults rode on the float and walked beside it as they handed out over 300 small, medium and large stuffed animals, dolls and keychains. Some of the children watching the float come towards them were awestruck as they were handed a dog or cat for them to take home…with no strings attached, no price to pay. Many adults along the parade route waved and yelled for a toy as well, and most received one in return.


The story behind the 300 plus toys which made up this float is more print-worthy. These toys had been collected, cherished and loved over weeks, months and sometimes years in the rooms of the very children (& adults) on the float. When asked what they wanted to do for a float they made the suggestion to actually ‘SHARE’ blessings in some way. Many of them had toys they would like to donate and once they got started sorting their belongings and thinking about what they were going to do, ‘GIVING’ became much easier and willing.
Each of the toys was tagged with a red or green label which read ‘Sharing the Blessings of Christmas’ along with the name of the church and the church website and contact information. The purpose of the tag was to let the parade watchers remember the 2007 Christmas Parade and to remember the feeling they had when one of these toys was handed to a daughter, son or grandchild. Special, just like each of us are…but sometimes we forget in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season.

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