Echinacea, The Wonder Healer

11.20.00: Having a baby under one year tends to bring out every kind of sniffle, sneeze and otherwise unhealthy sound and discharge you can imagine in your child. Even though you try to bundle them up when it’s cold, not allow them to be around other sick children, etc. inevitably it’s going to day your child will get sick.

One recent weekend I stayed in for 2 days and 2 nights with literally a ‘velcro’ baby. She was running a fever basically, for no apparent reason. She didn’t really want to eat, yet found something in her stomach to throw up all over the furniture. She was attached to my side or chest for literally hours upon hours (thus dubbed a velcro baby). Her every waking moment found her stuck to me and her fitful sleeping minutes the same. It was like living with an electric heater strapped to you for 2 days.

After the weekend was over she began to feel better, get her color back and she even wanted down (rrrrriiipppppppp--the sound of velcro tearing loose), Praise the Lord!

The following weekend, I heard a raspy cough in the night. The following morning a few more. Oh no, not again. I got out the vaporizer and began early, I was going to beat it this time before she got sick again. She, nor I needed another weekend like the previous.

My eldest daughter, Terrica, is taking part in a ministry internship and we email daily. I asked her and her friends to stop and pray for Tirzah, that this cough wouldn’t tighten and she would become infected, again. They prayed, and some of them even sent me a written prayer so we could pray in agreement.

On the way home I stopped in at the local health-food shop. I had heard of some liquid herb you could give in your baby’s bottle to build their immune system to help throw off these contagions. There, on the shelf, just what I was looking for, Echinacea with Golden Root. We were going to beat this thing. I began giving Tirzah the recommended dose 3 times a day. Even into the night the first night, I wanted her to get this ‘miracle’ into her system.
By the following morning Tirzah was better, she wasn’t coughing or had any signs of even being sick. I stayed in most of the day with her on Saturday, as I didn’t want to take any chances. I began to think, “This is truly a great remedy, I wish I had known about it sooner.” Our preacher called to check on her health, we told her she was doing so much better, that Echinacea is a wonderful healer.

It was almost as the words were coming out of my mouth that I realized, Prayer. It was the prayer of all those people at the ministry, myself, her daddy, the preacher, that ‘healed’ Tirzah not the Echinacea. The herb probably didn’t hurt, but we were giving the glory to the herb and not to the Healer! The Healer-Jesus healed Tirzah, He didn’t need the herb. The herb might have helped, but Jesus didn’t need the herb but the herb wouldn’t have accomplished a thing alone.

Our lives are so like this and we never stop to realize God is all we need. Sometimes it’s when God is all we have when we make this realization. Personally I want to give credit where it is due and I want to live daily in His miracles. God really is all I need.

Below: Read a forwarded prayer of one of the interns at Teen Mania after my request for prayer went out.

Dad I come before you right now and I ask that you would first forgive us of our sins past present and future, Lord known and unknown. I pray that you would put your healing hand on Tirzah's little body Lord. Lord in John Chapter 3 of your word it says that you were talking to your friend Nicodemus, and you told him about Moses, you said that the people where sick and inflicted with diseases. You told Moses to rap a serpent on a pole and hold it up for "all" the people, and that who ever sees it and believes will be healed. You then told Nicodemus that "just as the serpent was lifted up that the son of man must also be lifted up so that we could have everlasting life. Lord your word talks about living in the abundance of Christ, and sickness is not part of the deal. When your son died on that cross he gave us the power to overcome all of Satan's evil forces. Sickness is of the devil and I come against that in the authority that you given me when you defeated Satan on the Cross. You say that we will be mounted up with wings as eagles, and that you will renew our strength. I pray that you would renew the strength into Tirzah at this very moment. Lord you say that by your strips that we are healed. I pray that you would put those stripes on Tirzah right now and that the infection that is trying to come would be no more. I come against you spirit of infection, and I tell you by the authority invested in me by the great God Jehovah that you must flee and that you have no legal right to be there. you must go now to the place where the Holy Spirit takes you. You get your hands off her at this moment, you turn loose and don't you dare come back in the name of, and by the blood of the Lamb. AMEN !!!!!!

by: Shanna Hoskison and Joshua Vanbebber (c) November 20, 2000

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